Become an online learner

There’s no such thing as a typical online learner, but this style of flexible study could work well if you identify with one or more of the following:

  • My career requires continuing professional development or certification.
  • I want to benefit from a world-leading education from my current location.
  • I’m looking to progress in my current role or change careers.
  • I need to balance learning with family or work commitments.
  • I’ll be undertaking higher education for the first time.
  • I want to pursue a personal interest in an area of study.
  • I’m unable to relocate or live in a remote area.

Benefits for your career

  • Qualify while you work

    Our flexible online and blended learning allows you to complete a qualification around your current commitments.

  • Career development at any level

    Our courses are suitable for recent graduates, experienced senior executives or those looking to retrain.

  • Refresh your skills

    Courses are designed in line with real-world requirements, so you can gain the most relevant skills needed for your chosen industry.

  • Make connections

    You’ll have the chance to collaborate and interact with a network of local and international fellow learners and future business contacts.

Choose a type of online course

Our online and blended courses are made of individual blocks that you can complete as a stand-alone qualification or stack to build your training in a particular field. This provides the choice and flexibility to pick a programme that suits your needs and the time you have available to learn.

If you’re new to online learning and want to find out more about what to expect, try one of our massive open online courses (MOOCs). These free courses take between four to eight weeks to complete and provide a great introduction to this style of learning.

The rest of our qualifications are paid-for and take up to five years to complete, depending on the type of course, the qualifications gained and how long you choose to study for.

Overview of online courses

  • MOOCs – four to eight weeks
  • CPD – two to three months
  • PGCert – 12 to 15 months' part-time study
  • MBA – 18 to 24 months part-time study
  • PGDip – two years' part-time study
  • MSc – two to five years' part-time study
  • MA – two to five years' part-time study
  • Dental Public Health MSc, Evidence-Based Health Care MSc, Public Health MPH/MRes – one year's full-time study

Use the course search at the bottom of the page to explore individual courses and details of their timescales, qualifications and course content.