Your tuition fee status

Like other UK universities, we charge differently depending on whether you’re classed as Home or Overseas for tuition fee purposes.

The information you submit on your application to study at the University will be used to determine your tuition fee status. 

In some cases, we may require additional information from you. If this is the case, we’ll contact you to request that you complete a Tuition Fee Assessment form and provide supporting documentation. 

For most courses, this will be shortly after you have received an offer, but in some circumstances, we may need additional information later in the admissions process. We’ll contact you if this is the case. 

Eligibility criteria for Home status for tuition fee purposes can be found on the   website. Please note we're unable to act on proposed changes to eligibility rules for home fees status until they are passed and incorporated into UK law and the guidance on 'Home' status eligibility by the UKCISA.

Please note that your fee assessment cannot be carried out before your study application is received. 

Key information about tuition fee status

  • You should have a clear understanding of the definition of 'ordinary residence' and the concept of being 'settled' in the UK. For definitions, please refer to . 
  • The University's assessment of your fee status is independent of assessments that may be conducted by other institutions (for example student finance bodies, research councils, the NHS, and other universities). Other institutions and organisations may arrive at a different outcome following their assessment of your status. Their assessment has no bearing on our own. 
  • You are required to provide full and accurate information during the application process. 
  • Fee status is determined at the start of your studies, and not typically during later years of your course.
  • Once you have registered with an agreed fee status, your fee status is unlikely to change.
  • By signing the Registration Declaration, you are confirming that the information you have provided at the time of registering is full and accurate. Changes to this information are unlikely to be considered by the University in a request for a change to fee status. Please ensure you have fully read and understood the terms and conditions of your offer.